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Looking for authentic Mexican?


NachoRita is   

Unapologetically INAUTHENTIC Tex Mex using seasoning, spices and recipes from a variety of regions in our house-made, made fresh daily  marinades, salsas, guac, queso, etc. Because the best flavors aren't always dictated by geographic boundaries.

(Well who can blame you, that sounds awesome!)

Unapologetically small and local not a chain, staffed by amazing employees who are probably your neighbors, owned by Lombardians, partnering with other Lombardians and local businesses

Unapologetically fresh all ingredients arrive daily, chips are fresh fried on site, salsa, picos, marinades, rubs, guacs, quesos and more are made every mornings


Unapologetically environmentally conscious

our processes and procedures focus on minimal food waste (we’d rather sell out than throw out)


Unapologetically vegetarian, vegan, low carb and omnivore/carnivore friendly (of course!). Oh, and nut free


Unapologetically female owned cuz studies show, 98.2% of women rock (and the other 1.8% are a work in progress)


AND, Unapologetically welcoming of ALL nice people (but no buttheads, please and thank you)


Thanks for choosing NachoRita!

We hope you love it, or, just like it a lot. Either way. :-)

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